Would your family benefit from having:

·         An engaged healthcare provider who knows your children completely, inside and out?

·         An experienced medical professional who’s just a phone call away 24/7?

·         A compassionate caregiver who is deeply invested in ensuring your child receives highly personalized care from birth to age 18?

If so, let’s talk. Please contact me to schedule an appointment. We’ll use our meeting time to talk about your family, your home life, your healthcare ideals, and your concerns. Together, we’ll determine whether we’d make a good team. If so, the next step is enrollment.

Enrollment Fee
This one time enrollment fee goes toward the work that is required to register your child's data into our system, setting up insurance with our biller and her system and all the other business of establishing care with our practice.

Minimum fee:  $100 per child
Maximum fee:  $300 per family

Membership Fees
The monthly membership fee is intended to support a smaller patient panel that allows more accessibility to me, same or next day ill child visits, the availability of occasional phone calls and in home ill child visits.

$30.00 per month per child, $60/month family maximum
Receive a 10% discount by paying for the year at one time.

I accept all major private insurance plans. I also accept Washington Apple Health plans.

For appointments, all standard insurance co-pays and deductibles apply.

If you are uninsured, ask me about my Direct Care Model. For many families this is the most economical.

If you should ever have financial concerns regarding your ability to seek medical care for your child, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via phone or email. I’d be happy to help.

Photo by Darrin Klimek/Photodisc / Getty Images
Photo by Darrin Klimek/Photodisc / Getty Images